Demanding of ourselves

We will help you create a manageable process for the development of complex IT products. We will analyze the task and limitations, determine the most important, evaluate in terms of time and cost.
Step 1

Getting to know the project and the task

Analyzing blueprints to understand the basics of the project

Interviewing key stakeholders to align on vision and expectations

Value proposition mapping to create consensus around the product

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Step 2

Research and prototyping

To achieve a great result, we rely on your expertise, our many years of experience and the expectations of users.

User research

Defining audience segments and their expectations → Job Stories, User Stories

Conducting competitive analysis

Understanding the landscape of solutions  that will stand you out from competitors

Information architecture

Figuring out what pages, states and functionality the site or service will have and how users will interact with it

Main Scenario

Writing down the main scenarios and those that lead to errors

Interactive prototype

Providing a clickable prototype in Figma
Step 3

Create design layouts

Any digital product should be memorable for the user and evoke the right emotions. When creating a design, we rely on the company's identity, if it does not yet exist, then we create it from scratch.

Design concept

Coming up with mood boards to determine a unique visual style.

Design layouts

Creating design layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile versions


Describing the logic of layouts for developers

Design system

Establishing a design system to ensure uniformity across every touchpoint.
Step three with an asterisk

Testing with users

Design isn’t about the way it looks — it’s the best tool to learn what works and what doesn’t before you start coding. Iterating design is faster and cheaper than iterating code. We will provide user testing to evaluate the usability and accessibility of the design and identify areas for improvement.

Step 4


We do the coding, testing and launching.

Fast & Simple

on Webflow, Tilda or WordPress

Scalable & stable

React, Redux, Vue.js, python, django, nodejs
Step 5


During the work on the project, we see growth points, so we always offer a scale plan after the launch. We explain how to work with the administration panel and other system functionalities. We provide post-launch support and keep in touch with in-house developers.

How do we charge

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Fixed payment

Suitable for small projects with a clear scope of work: a landing page or a corporate website. Contract with a fixed price, the number of editing iterations is limited, the terms are fixed.

Repeat icon


Suitable when you have a development team on your side, and it is more profitable to delegate design expertise (UX / UI) to a reliable partner. We will strengthen or replace the design department when necessary. Beneficial when there is a stable flow of tasks or a quick response is important

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Hourly wage


Suitable for flexible and fast teams. You can make changes during development, add functionality, or change the concept. Before starting, we estimate the approximate amount of work in working hours. Payment and report on the work done every week.

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️Express design

This format is for companies that need to get results quickly. If you trust our expertise and do not want to waste time on comments and approvals.

Our principles allow us
to do a great job


Clear structured layouts speed up the work on the project, specifications and comments to the layouts make life easier for developers, and interactive design layouts help to take a comprehensive look at the future site


In order to launch within the agreed timeframe, we allocate the team, and fix tasks on the schedule, we warn in advance about key presentation meetings. Every Monday we talk about plans for the week.


The project manager is in charge of the processes, the design lead and designers are in the client chat. It is crucial for us that communication is transparent.

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