Design Subscription :
how it works and why it's profitable

ux/ui, product design  ⁕  10 jan 2022

ux/ui, product design  ⁕  10 jan 2022

Subscription services are a trend that is steadily gaining momentum and, as a result, deserves the trust of even the most conservative. Businesses are increasingly resorting to such services because it is obviously convenient, cost-effective and speeds up work. And the very concept of subscription fits in coolly with the dynamic style of modern life and the sharing economy.

«Design by subscription is a package offer for those who want unlimited access to the services of a graphic or web designer for a certain period.»

Who is a Design Subscription for?


The subscription makes it possible to attract professionals in the field of digital design from the outside. This means that a company that uses such a service may not have its own staff of designers at all. This is especially true for small startups that have many design needs but few resources to train their own design team.

Large companies

Even if such a company has its own design department, a subscription can relieve the main team by taking on some of the tasks. Engaging an external contractor also allows you to get a fresh look at current projects, because design studios cooperate with different clients, and therefore their specialists have very broad competencies and a deeper understanding of trends and the market as a whole.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses

A Design Subscription allows you to completely outsource design work or even implement a large-scale project with the help of an external contractor, and you do not have to be distracted from the development of the main product and solving strategic problems.

Key benefits of Design by Subscription

The expertise and experience of an external design team allows you to avoid common mistakes, solve your product and design problems faster, and use limited resources more efficiently in the early stages of a company's life.

The subscription saves not only resources, but also the client's money. By receiving a service from an external contractor, the employer reduces the cost of the payroll and taxes, the equipment necessary for work and licensed software. He also eliminates the need to keep full-time designers and an art director on the payroll to manage the team and build workflows.

If the designer goes on sick leave, goes on vacation or suddenly quits, we will find a replacement for him and work on your projects will not stop, because we have a large team of specialists.

Subscription Design Services Examples

As you can see, there are many types of businesses that need a design subscription format.

For example, as part of a subscription, we help our clients with the development of brand identity, website design and IOS & Android applications, which may be relevant when launching a startup. So we started working with the HotPies party-time professional recruitment project. First, we developed a basic identity for them, made a landing page in a week, and now we are helping with the presentation and creatives for social networks.

Online schools and online product launches constantly require the development of landing pages for courses, pages for lead magnets, as well as the design of illustrations and presentations.

We are also often approached by educational projects: the Higher School of Economics, the University of Economics and other EdTech companies. For example, for the Ability Place project, we created a landing page for the course, personal accounts for students on Tilda, and also helped with creatives for social networks.

Large companies, even with their own design department, may need to develop advertising banners, product pages and landing pages when developing a new project. So Skyeng contacted us to speed up their processes related to the development of design for the site. We helped this project in a short time to put together an interactive quiz for cold traffic.

Entrepreneurs who often present and sell their services to a large number of clients may find it useful to quickly develop presentations and pitch decks.

Within a month, you receive unlimited access to the designer's services.

It can make as many new requests as it wants, as well as make as many changes to old tasks as it likes. We give away all source files and complete most types of work within 1-2 days.

The subscription format, as a rule, includes the most demanded services in digital design.

How we work with a design subscription

The client tells us about their task and discusses all their design needs with one of our experts. We immediately fix the recommended specifications, such as file sizes and formats, when it comes to graphic design. And, if the task format is suitable for a subscription, then we suggest choosing and paying for one of the tariffs.

After that, during the period agreed with the designer in advance, he receives a finished design that corresponds to the originally set task.If desired, the client can discuss the design with the specialist assigned to him and suggest any changes that are required.

There will be no additional processing costs. As soon as the customer is satisfied with the results, we send the source files that can be used in the work, and proceed to the next task.

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